How We Measure the Impact of Arts Empowered Minds

Measure Student Achievement

Student achievement will be measured through PARCC scores, which students are required to take regardless of participation in AEMI. Student engagement and empathy will be measured by the MDS3 Survey, developed by the Maryland State Department of Education, Johns Hopkins University, and Sheppard Pratt Health System.

Collect Feedback from Students, Teachers, and Parents

A survey designed by Dr. Marc Stein will measure student, teacher, and parent feedback about the program, as well as their thoughts on arts integration. Dr. Stein will also work with schools to determine how to best measure parent engagement.

Evaluate School Achievement

AEMI will work with AACPS, Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS) Alliance, and researcher Dr. Marc Stein to evaluate the impact of AEMI on school achievement, parent involvement, and student engagement and empathy in all 12 Northern Anne Arundel County Schools. Dr. Stein is an assistant professor in the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University and an affiliated researcher with the Baltimore Education Research Consortium with significant experience researching the impact of school interventions on student achievement, instructional conditions, and parent involvement.

Gauge the Use of Arts-Integrated Lessons

The use of arts integration and access to arts-integrated professional development will be collected and measured. Teachers will be required to designate when they create and deliver arts-integrated lessons. We expect to see the use of arts integration in the classroom increase through AEMI.


Ensuring equitable access to the arts in Northern Anne Arundel County Schools.

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